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December 17, 2021
Help Your Child Build Good Dental Habits at Home
young girl with missing front tooth holding an apple

Did you know that children should visit the dentist every six months just like their parents? Regular teeth cleanings and checkups help protect your son or daughter's precious smile, but there are also steps you can take at home to help them build good habits in between their regular dental ...

January 18, 2021
Dental Implants 101: Your Step-by-Step Guide on What to Expect
Mother hugging daughter's shoulders

Choosing to restore a lost tooth with a dental implant can be a wise long-term investment in your smile. After all, this is the only restoration that closely mimics a natural tooth and also has the potential to last a lifetime with excellent home care and regular checkups.

Here's how the ...

January 8, 2021
What to Expect at Your Child's First Dental Visit
young boy sitting in dental chair getting first cleaning

Setting your son or daughter up for success at the dentist is a priceless gift you can give your child. Regular visits to the dentist every six months is one of the best ways to protect your little one's precious smile. Bringing them to the dentist early on helps build ...