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Dental Sedation: Which Type Is Right for You?

July 27, 2022
Posted By: Park Place Dental

Many patients benefit from dental sedation to help them through their dental appointments. At Park Place Dental, we offer different levels of sedation depending on what you need to help you feel comfortable during your dental procedure. Here's an overview of dental sedation in Barrie and who it helps. 

Nitrous Oxide

Also called laughing gas, nitrous oxide is our mildest sedation, and it's ideal for most types of procedures and safe for children. It works quickly as a breathable gas you receive through a mask you'll wear during your procedure. Then, when your appointment is over, nitrous oxide leaves your system as soon as you remove the mask, so you aren't left with any troublesome side effects.

Oral Sedation

We deliver oral sedation through medication you'll take before your appointment. This higher level of sedation relaxes you, making you feel as if you're sleeping throughout your procedure. This is an excellent option for patients with more severe anxiety who need a higher level of sedation to feel comfortable.

For safety concerns, oral sedation requires that you have rides arranged to and from your appointment.

IV Sedation in Barrie

This is the highest level of sedation we offer that allows you to peacefully "sleep" throughout your treatment while we carefully monitor your heart rate and vital signs. IV sedation works well for these patients:

  • Those with severe dental phobia, fear, or anxiety
  • Patients with bad gag reflexes
  • Patients with special needs
  • Those who need multiple complex procedures and want to complete them during one appointment
  • Patients who have difficulty sitting still for long periods

Do You Have Questions About Dental Sedation in Barrie, ON?

Your team at Park Place Dental is here to help if you have questions about dental sedation. Call us at (705) 728-9922 for more information.



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