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Why choose tooth-coloured fillings?

Man getting dental work in barrieIn the past, metal amalgam has been the material used for dental fillings. While metal fillings worked well for teeth in the back, the tooth-coloured material we use today, composite resin, has proven to be not only more aesthetically pleasing but also more durable and long-lasting. 

Metal Fillings vs. Composite Fillings

There are many differences between metal and composite fillings besides just their color. First, metal fillings require the removal of much more tooth structure for proper placement. Composite fillings are bonded directly to your tooth, which allows your dentist to preserve more of your natural tooth.

Next, metal fillings are sensitive to temperature, which causes them to expand and contract. Since there are constant temperature changes in your mouth, metal fillings eventually pull away from your tooth, causing them to break down and allow bacteria back inside your tooth. Composite material is not sensitive to temperature and doesn't pull away from your tooth because of direct bonding.

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Best of all, tooth-coloured composite fillings can be shaded to match your tooth exactly. After your treatment, no one will ever notice you had dental work, and you'll be able to smile again with ease and confidence. If you have questions about dental fillings in Barrie, ON, contact your team at Park Place Dental today.