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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Emergency Services

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We believe that the best dental outcomes can be achieved when our patients are an active part of the process.

Every question you ask is an opportunity for us to explain things to you in a way that helps you feel confident about the care you're receiving and how a particular treatment affects the future of your oral health care.

We've shared a few of the questions we hear most often below. You probably have plenty of your own, though, so please don't ever hesitate to contact our dental office, and we'll find the answers you're looking for.

Emergency Services

Woman holding ice pack to jaw | Dentist Barrie ONNo! Root canal procedures don’t cause pain – they relieve it.

Many people associate the pain of an infected root canal with the actual procedure itself. However, if you’ve ever had a root canal, you know that the pain stops the moment we numb the affected tooth!

Comfortable Root Canal Therapy​​​

Of course, we understand that root canals don’t get much good press. This can lead to a great deal of anxiety about the procedure that really isn’t necessary. But it’s our job to ensure that you are comfortable because root canal treatment may be the only option we have to save the affected tooth.

Sedation Dentistry Options in Barrie

At Park Place Dental, we’re pleased to offer state-of-the-art sedation options for your complete comfort. Nitrous oxide (“laughing gas”) will not put you to sleep, but it will definitely take the edge off your anxiety and allow you to relax throughout the procedure.

Oral sedatives are another option we provide. Dr. Joo will prescribe a medication for you to take before you arrive at our office so you are calm when you get here. Oral sedation and nitrous oxide are often combined to provide a stress-free procedure. If you simply want to go to sleep for your procedure, you'll be pleased to know that Dr. Joo is qualified to administer IV sedation right here in our Barrie, ON dental office. 

If you prefer to go to sleep, you’ll be pleased to know that Dr. Joo is certified to safely administer IV sedation. 

Call Our L4N 6N5 Dental Clinic

We hope that, with preventative treatments and regular visits, you don’t ever need a root canal. But if you do, give us a call. We would love the chance to show you just how stress-free a root canal can be! 

It is very important to see a dentist when you notice you may have an abscess. 

What is an abscessed tooth? Tooth next to first aid kit | Dentist Barrie ON

An abscessed tooth is a very painful infection. It is most commonly caused by severe tooth decay. Other causes may include, trauma to the tooth, and gingivitis or gum disease. 

Abscesses are usually located at the root of a tooth or in between the gum of teeth. Often times it will look like a bubble or swelling on the gums usually filled with pus (a thick yellowish fluid). In most cases, you will need a root canal or extraction right away to relieve the pain of the tooth in question. However, sometimes it is necessary to complete a course of antibiotics to clear the infection prior to starting treatment. 

Contact Our Barrie ON Dental Clinic

If you can't get to a dentist right away, going to the hospital or walk-in clinic for a prescription for antibiotics is always ideal! As the antibiotic fights off the infection, the pain will start to go away. However, it is recommended that you see a dentist as soon as you are completed with your prescription, as antibiotics will only clear the infection temporarily. Your abscess will return unless the tooth gets the treatment it needs. Call our Barrie, ON dental office today!

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 We are finally accepting patients requiring emergency treatment. Please contact our office if you have any questions or if you are experiencing a dental emergency.