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Where can you get BOTOX® injections for migraines?

Do you suffer from frequent migraine headaches? Migraines can be very debilitating, and they might greatly decrease the quality of your life.

man holding head from headache painHeadache and Migraine Relief Using BOTOX

The good news is that many patients are finding relief from migraines and frequent headaches with BOTOX injections. BOTOX helps with migraines because it relaxes your muscles to smooth wrinkles and fine lines; however, many patients have found that calming their muscles also reduces the frequency of their headaches.

Studies have shown that patients who receive BOTOX for migraine headaches notice that the number of headaches they have each month is significantly reduced and have more pain-free days.

BOTOX-Trained Dentist in Barrie

At Park Place Dental, Dr. Ellie Moore is trained and certified in giving BOTOX injections to our patients. You may not have thought to get BOTOX at your dentist's office, but Dr. Moore has actually had extensive training in facial anatomy and musculature when she was trained as a dentist.

Your Barrie dentist also has expertise in comfortably and effectively giving dental anesthetic injections, making her an excellent choice to deliver pain-free BOTOX injections. 

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