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Easier Root Canal Therapy in Barrie, ON

If you need root canal therapy in Barrie, ON, our dentist provides a more comfortable and gentle root canal experience.

A root canal is designed to remove root infection and restore your tooth to better health.

Root Canal Therapy in Barrie, ON

The first step is diagnosing a root infection. The symptoms you may notice include:

  • Toothache or tooth sensitivity
  • Tooth discoloration
  • Face or jaw swelling
  • Gum lump or blister

However, a root infection can mimic other dental health problems, which is why it’s essential to make an appointment with your Barrie, ON dentist if you notice oral health changes or tooth sensitivity that does not get better.

Root canal therapy in Barrie, ON starts with numbing the area ...

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How Dental Crowns Work

Dental crowns in Barrie, ON are one of the most versatile restorations at your dentist’s disposal. They not only support week teeth, but they also hide flaws, complete dental implants, and work in unison with a dental bridge.

Dental implants are hollowed-out caps that cover teeth. They are coloured to match your smile and shaped to blend in smoothly.

How Dental Crowns in Barrie, ON Work in General Dentistry

Quality dental crowns in Barrie, ON are often used to complete a root canal, especially if the root infection weakened the structure of your tooth. The dental crown creates a barrier between your weakened tooth and chewing, keeping the tooth intact and significantly reducing ...

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The Important Role of Preventative Dentistry

woman in dental chair | Dentist Barrie ON

Prevention is the key to maintaining a healthy smile at every age. This is why our dentists recommend regular dental exams, x-rays, and dental cleanings in Barrie, ON.

Just as you have a physical with your medical doctor to stay ahead of potential body health issues, you should also stay ahead of the curve when it comes to your oral health with regular dental exams in Barrie, ON.

Our Barrie, ON dentists understand that no two smiles are the same, which is why they customize preventative treatments based on your oral health.

Let’s look at a few reasons why preventative dentistry is so important.

Dental Cleanings in Barrie, ON May Lower Your Risk ...

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Sedation Dentistry: Overcoming Your Fear of the Dentist

Woman smiling in dental chair | Dentist Barrie ON

Many patients avoid seeing the dentist twice each year for check-ups and cleanings for a simple reason: They have a fear of the dentist. For some people, this goes back to an unpleasant dental experience as a child. For others, they are uncomfortable with the intimate nature of a dental visit, or they are fearful of feeling pain.

Sedation dentistry can help. At our Barrie, ON dental clinic, we recommend sedation dentistry for patients who feel dental anxiety to encourage them to come in to get the dental care they need.

How Sedation Dentistry Can Help Patients Who Fear the Dentist

Most people don’t enjoy going to the dentist, but they still visit ...

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Reasons to Consider Sedation Dentistry

Man getting dental work | Dentist Barrie ON

At Park Place Dental, we see many patients who suffer from some type of dental anxiety, so if you are one of those people who fear the dentist, you should know that you are not alone. You will be relieved to know that not only do we take dental anxiety seriously, but we offer sedation dentistry to help you get through it.

The last thing we want is for you to skip dental appointments because you are anxious about seeing us. Sedation dentistry at our Barrie, ON dental clinic is an option you should consider to ensure you get the dental treatment you need and deserve.

Why You Should Consider Sedation ...

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Are Invisalign Braces Right for Me?

Clear Aligner on gray background | Barrie ON Dentist

More and more adults are turning to orthodontic treatment to correct crowded or crooked teeth. Perhaps they never had orthodontics during adolescence, or maybe they forgot to wear their retainer after treatment when they were younger.

With so many great orthodontic options for adults such as Invisalign, there is no reason for you to live with a smile you're not happy with. Here's what you should know about Invisalign.

Invisalign Straightens Your Teeth with Discretion in a Timely Manner

Invisalign offers something that traditional orthodontic does not –discretion. Instead of wearing metal brackets and wires, you wear smooth, clear plastic aligners. Because they fit snug against your teeth, they're comfortable to wear and hardly ...

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I Would Like Whiter Teeth. What Are My Options?

Woman Getting Teeth Whitened | Dentist Barrie ON

Are you happy with the appearance of your smile? It is natural over time that your smile will lose some of its luster. Dull-looking teeth may even cause you to feel self-conscious about your smile. The good news is that professional whitening can help you reclaim your smile, and your dentist in Barrie, ON can help!

Is Professional Whitening Better than Over-the-Counter Products?

The answer to this question is - absolutely, yes! OTC products offer a lot of choices and a lesser cost; however, this doesn't mean that you will achieve the same results as working with your dentist. In fact, your dentist has access to much stronger products than you ...

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