How a "Grazing" Habit Could Be Affecting Your Teeth

Woman Eating Apple | Dentistry in Barrie ON
You enjoy a mid-morning pastry occasionally and maybe some pretzels in the afternoon here and there. That can't be too detrimental to your oral health, right? The truth is, we live in a culture known for "grazing," or snacking throughout the day, and it is having an impact on our oral health – even when it's done in moderation. Your Barrie, ON dentist explains.How is Snacking Dangerous for Your Teeth?When you partake of three meals each day it starts a process in your mouth that aids in digestion and managing your food. Your chewing stimulates saliva production, which helps to break down your foods for digestion and also washes away ...

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Finding a Dentist in Barrie

Park Place Dental Staff | Dentist Barrie ON
Finding the right dentist can be a challenge! You don't want to feel like just another patient rushed in and out of your appointment, which sometimes happens at bigger practices. Yet you want to work with someone who can meet all your needs, and who you feel comfortable building a long-term relationship with. Where do you start? Here a few things to consider as you are choosing your new provider.Check Out the OfficeIt doesn't hurt to stop by your prospective provider's office and take a tour. The office should be conveniently located for you with hours that accommodate your schedule. But beyond that, you want to feel welcome and comfortable ...

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