Emergency Dentist Barrie

Nearly everyone will experience some type of dental emergency in their lifetime.

The emergency may be as simple as a tooth crown that falls out just as you’re heading out for an important meeting. Or, it may be as severe as intense pain in a tooth where you cannot tolerate another moment of discomfort.

Whatever type of dental problem you are experiencing, rest assured that our goal is to be here for you to support your dental needs in every way possible. If you ever injure your tooth, please do not hesitate to call Park Place Dental right away, even if you’re not sure if you have a true dental emergency. You can reach us at any time of day, including Saturdays, at (705) 728-9922

Whether you need to be seen immediately or not, you’ll feel much better just knowing that you have the help of a trusted dentist in Barrie, ON.

woman holding jaw from tooth pain before care at barrie dentistRecognizing Your Dental Emergency

You’ve just injured your tooth, and your mouth is bleeding. You feel pretty shaken up, but after a few minutes, the bleeding stops, and your tooth seems alright. What happens next? Do you have a real emergency on your hands or can your mouth wait until morning?

Because you are the one who experienced your dental injury firsthand, you’re usually the best judge about the extent of the damage and the urgency of your treatment. Think of a dental emergency like a medical emergency—it’s painful, often messy, and needs to be dealt with right away. 

If your injury is a genuine emergency, you’ll usually feel pretty severely impacted by the damage. This impact looks different for everyone, but it can involve experiencing significant pain or having a newfound gap or chip in your smile. Emergencies in dentistry will stop you in your tracks and force you to seek treatment right away. 

Common dental emergencies include:

  • Avulsed, or knocked-out, teeth
  • A broken jaw
  • A large cut on your lip or tongue
  • An abscessed tooth
  • Pus, swelling, or other visible signs of oral infection
  • Broken dentures or dental restorations that are impacting your ability to eat or speak 
  • Broken, fractured, or chipped teeth, often as a result of getting hit in the face or biting down on hard food

To recognize a dental emergency, it’s helpful to consider how much the injury affects your life and evaluate your level of discomfort compared to before the injury. We recommend asking yourself questions such as:

“Am I in an intolerable amount of pain that I can’t manage with over-the-counter NSAIDs?”

“Can I stop this bleeding on my own, or is the wound not responding to pressure?”

“Will I still be able to talk, sleep, and eat with my mouth in its current condition?”

“Do I have visibly broken teeth or damaged areas of my mouth?”

“How am I emotionally coping with this injury? Would I feel better if someone could examine me right away?”

We always encourage our patients to call us first at (705) 728-9922 immediately after injuring a tooth. Whether or not you need emergency care in Barrie will depend on several factors, including how you injured your tooth and how much visible damage you can observe. Our dentists will help determine whether we need to see you immediately or whether an appointment for the next business day is appropriate.

Man holding jaw from tooth pain during dental emergencyWhat to Do in a Dental Emergency in Barrie

Whether you sustained a dental injury only moments ago or are already in the car on your way to our dental office, we understand that it’s helpful to know how to react to different types of dental emergencies in Barrie, ON. 

Severe Pain

Severe pain may be an indicator of a tooth infection or even a more serious condition. If you are experiencing a persistent, severe toothache, please call us right away. You should never ignore a toothache because painful teeth often require immediate treatment. 

We want to give you the help you need as soon as possible so we can treat the problem and you can get on with your life. In the case of severe pain, you should take an over-the-counter painkiller and schedule an emergency dentistry appointment with us ASAP.

Occasionally, pain indicates that a tooth is beyond saving and will need extraction. The idea of having a tooth extracted can be overwhelming. However, it may be the case that our only option is to perform an emergency extraction so you can get the relief you need. If this should occur, you can be sure that our compassionate team of experienced dental professionals will be there to support you.

Knocked-Out Tooth

Aside from being a frightening experience, a knocked-out tooth is a dental emergency that requires immediate attention. There is only a small window of time to save avulsed teeth, so you mustn’t wait even an extra minute to contact our Barrie dentists for treatment.

First, call us right away, and we will give you instructions for keeping the tooth safe until we see you. If you handle the tooth appropriately, we may be able to save it. The key to protecting a knocked-out tooth is keeping it moist—inside your mouth is best—and never handling the tooth by its delicate roots. 

Please note that if this injury involves trauma to your face or jaw, you should call 911 or go directly to an emergency room.

Loose Tooth Crown

If your dental crown is loose or has fallen out, we may be able to cement it back in place. If not, our dentists will be able to make you a brand new tooth crown to replace the damaged one. 

If you have the old dental restoration, we ask that you bring it with you when you come in for your dental appointment. While transporting the tooth crown, handle it carefully, and keep it in a safe place, such as a container or cup. 

Please do not try to cement the dental crown back in yourself, as this may ruin any chance we have of saving the crown.

Woman holding ice pack on jaw from tooth painLost Filling

A lost dental filling needs to be replaced. Unfortunately, fillings don’t last forever, and they tend to break down over time, so there’s no need to panic if you find yourself without an old restoration.

If you have the old filling, you can bring it with you to your appointment. Otherwise, contact our office and come in for an emergency evaluation. 

We’re Always Here for You at Park Place Dental!

Dental emergencies happen, and we understand the urgency of treating your problem right away. If you have a dental emergency, please know that we are here for you! Our treatment team at Park Place Dental will provide fast, efficient, and compassionate dental care in Barrie, ON for you and your loved ones. 

The next time you injure a tooth, contact your dentist at Park Place Dental at (705) 728-9922, and we’ll make arrangements to see you as quickly as possible, usually on the same day.  We proudly offer emergency dental care to Barrie, Innisfil, Angus, and the surrounding areas.