Gum Surgeries in Barrie, ON

Barrie Couple smiling up at cameraBecause your gums are part of the main foundation and support system for your teeth, it’s important to keep them healthy so you can also protect the health of your teeth. An excellent home care routine consisting of brushing at least twice per day and flossing at least once helps keep gums healthy. In addition, regular visits to your dentist every six months are the key to maintaining your oral health and preventing gum disease.

However, if you should find yourself in need of treatment for your gums, Dr. Joo has advanced training in gum surgeries, and he can help you right here at our Barrie, ON dental office! Here are some of the surgical procedures for your gums that we offer at Park Place Dental.

Gum Grafting

Gum recession occurs for several reasons, such as gum disease or repeated vigorous brushing. Recession means that your gum tissue has been lost, and your root is now exposed, and unfortunately, you can never get that lost gum tissue back. Gum recession leads to a host of issues like sensitivity, pain, and even tooth loss.

Gum grafting in Barrie offers a way to restore the tissue with grafts taken from another source. Your own gums will integrate with the tissue over time, protecting your teeth and roots from exposure. Dr. Joo can perform this type of surgery right here at Park Place Dental and oversee your recovery so you’ll be back on the path to wellness again in no time.

man in dental chair smiling before gum surgery in Barrie ONGum Contouring in Barrie

Have you ever felt like your teeth were short or stubby? Or maybe you feel like you have a “gummy smile?” Patients who show excessive gum tissue when they smile may not feel satisfied with the appearance of their teeth. The good news is that there’s a simple solution to reveal the smile you never knew you already had!

Dr. Joo can remove the excess gum tissue covering your teeth during a simple procedure called gum contouring. He utilizes artistry and skill to create your new smile, and you’ll be proud to share it with the world after a short healing period.

Advanced Dental Treatments to Meet Your Needs Near Innisfil

At Park Place Dental, we strive to meet all of your needs here at our dental practice, so you are never referred elsewhere for your care. Gum surgeries are just another advanced service that sets us apart from other dental practices in Barrie.

If you or a loved one need help with the health or appearance of your gums, give our office a call today to schedule an appointment with our dentists. Our dentists can recommend the right treatment for your needs during an examination and consultation, and Dr. Joo can perform gum surgeries in Barrie here at our dental office without the need for a specialist.