Children's Dentistry in Barrie, ON

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As a parent, nothing warms your heart more than your child's precious smile! Giving them the gift of a healthy, beautiful smile they can feel proud to share with the world is priceless and something that will serve them their entire life.

The professional team at Park Place Dental has extensive experience addressing the unique needs of children. We know that the extra care and attention we take with your child now sets them up for a lifetime of excellent dental health. 

We like to start seeing children starting around twelve months of age. At this point in their lives, teeth are beginning to emerge, and we want to make sure they’re healthy right from the start.

Also, exposing your child to dental visits at a very young age allows them to develop a positive relationship with us, which helps them feel safe and secure during future dental visits. Many adults who experience dental anxiety had an unfortunate experience with a dentist when they were a child. With our positive support and encouragement, this is precisely the type of situation we can avoid.

If it's time for your little one's first dental visit in Barrie, ON, don't hesitate to call Park Place Dental today at (705) 728-9922 to schedule an appointment.

How to Care For Baby Teeth

Caring for your baby's oral health begins even before their first teeth arrive. After feedings, you can wipe out their mouth with a warm washcloth. This removes any excess bacteria from their mouth that could be left by remaining formula or breast milk. It also gets your little one used to cleaning their mouth.

When their first teeth arrive, it's an exciting time! You can begin brushing and caring for the tiny teeth right away using a soft toothbrush designed for infants. You can also include a smear of toothpaste that is safe for your baby to swallow if you'd like to. These are the first steps in setting your little one up for dental success in the future.

young boy getting a digital x-rayWhy Baby Teeth Are Important

Parents sometimes wonder why they should invest so much time caring for small teeth that will eventually fall out anyway. Great question!

Believe it or not, baby teeth actually have some essential jobs in your little one's oral and physical development, such as:

  • Holding or saving space for adult teeth. Baby teeth act as guides for their adult counterparts in the future.
  • Introducing your baby to solid foods. Small teeth make it possible for your little one to begin trying and enjoying new foods.
  • Helping your little one form their first words. Baby teeth set your son or daughter on the path to conversing with you in the future.

So you see, keeping baby teeth healthy and intact until it's their time to fall out is essential to your child's healthy oral and physical development. Your dentist may recommend small fillings or tooth crowns for little ones who've experienced tooth decay or cavities.

Preventive Dental Care for Changing Smiles

During the first dental visits, we'll essentially be spending time acclimating your little one to the dental chair, counting their teeth, and feeling comfortable in general at the dentist. After that, your son or daughter should visit their children's dentist in Barrie every six months, just as their parents should see the dentist biannually. 

As they get older and begin to feel more comfortable at the dentist, we'll incorporate teeth cleanings into their visits. The important thing to know is that if your child needs treatment in the future, we'll never do any procedure that they're not ready for. We always make sure that they feel completely comfortable and understand what we're doing before moving forward.

Little smiles are constantly changing! As your child gets older, our dentists may recommend some additional protective treatments for their smile, such as:

  • Dental sealants. Thin, plastic coatings that cover the chewing surfaces of tiny teeth to fill in grooves and pits and protect against tooth decay.
  • Fluoride treatments. Applying fluoride to small teeth after cleanings helps build and strengthen them.
  • Mouth guards. If your child decides to participate in sports, a mouth guard can protect their teeth and mouth from serious injuries. Did you know that 40 percent of dental injuries result from sports? So protective mouth wear is critical for guarding your little one's precious smile.
  • Orthodontic treatment. Our dentists will evaluate your little one's dental development over the years and tell you if they could benefit from orthodontic treatment. Having straight teeth builds confidence and makes home care much more manageable.

At Park Place Dental, our family dentists in Barrie enjoy building relationships with your son or daughter, so they feel comfortable having us care for their smiles over the years. We look forward to meeting your family!

Making First Dental Visits Fun

From the very first time your child comes into our office, we do everything possible to ensure the experience is positive and fun. We’ll count their teeth and give them a ride in the dental chair. Plus, our treatment rooms all have TVs, so your older kids can watch cartoons or their favorite shows.
If your child has any apprehension about their trip to the dentist, let us know. We will go out of our way to ensure the visit is designed to help calm any fears. By the time they have their first x-rays at the age of six or seven, they should feel quite at ease in the dental chair.

Helping Your Child Develop Good Oral Health Habits

young Barrie girl brushing teeth in mirrorChildren’s mouths are constantly growing and developing. So we combine careful monitoring and preventative treatments, which allow us to catch and treat problems as soon as they develop. 

The team at Park Place Dental will provide support and encouragement while helping your child develop good oral health hygiene habits. Our goal is to motivate your child gently, so brushing is something they want to do rather than something they have to do.

As a parent, there are things you can do to reinforce good oral health habits:

  • Let them watch as you brush and floss your teeth, and help them learn how to take care of their own teeth.
  • Talk with them about visiting the dentist and explain how important it is.
  • Present visiting the dentist in a fun way. Maybe read a story about it or color some tooth-related pictures together.
  • Bring your kids along with you on your own dental appointments to get them familiar with and comfortable in our office.

If you have your own anxiety about visiting the dentist, try not to let that influence your children. It is crucial that kids are calm and happy when it’s their turn to visit the dentist. 

Please Call Our Barrie Dental Office for an Appointment

We would love the chance to get to know you and your child and start them on the road to a lifetime of healthy smiles. Please call our Barrie dental office today at (705) 728-9922 to arrange a convenient appointment with one of our caring doctors.