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At what age do you start seeing children?

We’re pleased to welcome patients of all ages to our Barrie, ON dental office. We like to begin seeing kids when their baby teeth start to appear, between the ages of six and twelve months.

What to Expect at Your Child's First Visit

The first few visits are spent helping your child get accustomed to new faces and a new environment. Establishing a trusting relationship with yourLittle boy brushing teeth before going to dental cleaning in barrie child at an early age helps them experience see visits to the dentist as a positive thing, and not something to be feared.

It may not seem important to take your child to the dentist when they still have their baby teeth. However, it’s important to note that the buds that form baby teeth and permanent teeth have already developed by the time your child is born. This should give you an idea of how important early dental care is!

It’s safe to say that the health of your child’s baby teeth generally dictates the health of permanent teeth.

Gentle Children's Dentistry in Barrie

If a problem does develop, you can count on the team at Park Place Dental to provide the gentle care your child needs to feel safe. We treat every child as the unique little individual he or she is by speaking to them on their levels. The special care we take with them now creates a positive feeling about dental visits that can last a lifetime.

Please call to learn more about children’s dentistry in Barrie, ON at Park Place Dental.