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Why We Use Tooth-Coloured Fillings in Our Barrie Dental Clinic

August 16, 2020
Posted By: Park Place Dental
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If you've had dental fillings in the past, you may remember (or even still have) the silver metal fillings that dentists used. While metal fillings provided durability, they also brought with them a slew of problems to deal with over time.

What You Should Know About Metal Fillings

When dentists place silver amalgam (metal) fillings, they have to remove quite a bit of your natural, healthy tooth structure to put them in place. This reduces the amount of the natural tooth that you retain, which might increase the chance of breakdown in the future.

Due to the nature of metal expanding and contracting with temperature changes, amalgam fillings tend to pull away from your tooth over time because there are constant temperature changes in your mouth. Breakdown of your filling allows bacteria to reenter your tooth and cause decay again. When this happens, you may need to replace your metal amalgam filling to protect your tooth from further damage.

Metal fillings also impact the appearance of your tooth and smile with their gray colour. We can customize the fillings we use today to match your tooth, which makes them more aesthetically appealing.

Why We Choose Tooth-Coloured Fillings for Our Patients in Barrie

At Park Place Dental, our dentists use dental fillings made of tooth-coloured composite resin because they are durable, beautiful, and they allow us to preserve much more of your natural tooth. Because we bond composite resin directly to your tooth, dental fillings in Barrie, ON don't break down as quickly as metal because they don't react to temperature changes.

Our dentists can also use composite resin material to eliminate small cosmetic issues like gaps and spacing between teeth, tooth discoloration, and small chips or fractures. This process is called dental bonding, and we can typically complete your procedure in only one visit to our dental office. 

Contact your team at Park Place Dental if you have questions about dental bonding or tooth-coloured fillings in Barrie, ON.