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What is a dental bridge?

Are you living with one or multiple missing teeth? If you're missing one or two teeth in a row, you might benefit from a dental bridge in Barrie. This affordable tooth replacement doesn't require surgery like a dental implant and can last for many years with excellent home care and regular dental checkups.

woman smilingHow a Dental Bridge Works

A bridge uses tooth crowns as anchors to healthy teeth while they support artificial teeth attached in between that fill in the open spaces. We design the bridge using ceramic porcelain that we customize to match your surrounding teeth and complement your smile.

Caring for Your Dental Bridge 

You'll be able to brush and floss daily around your bridge. Keeping your anchor crowns clean and plaque-free is really the key to longevity for your dental bridge. Cleaning under a dental bridge requires special floss or a small brush.

Attending your bi-annual teeth cleanings and checkups at your Barrie dentist is also essential for keeping your dental bridge clean, healthy, and in exceptional working order. 

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