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What can I expect at my first visit to your Barrie dental office?

Your Barrie dentist and team are always happy to welcome you as a new patient into our dental office, where we offer treatment for patients of all ages. And we provide the services they need to achieve and maintain a healthy smile.

At your first visit, expect to be greeted by a friendly team member, and we always take a thorough health history.

front desk at Park Place DentalFirst Dental Visit at Park Place Dental

Depending on the nature of your first dental visit, we may also take x-rays, provide a comprehensive exam, and give your teeth a professional teeth cleaning. Some patients establish dentistry and start with these essential basics. Other new patients come to us with a specific issue that we need to address immediately.

No matter your situation, you can count on thorough dental care, friendly team members, and professionals who want to make you feel comfortable when under our care. You’ll also find patient forms on our website, along with financial information.

Additionally, we are happy to chat with you about your concerns, and your dentist and hygienist will talk to you about any findings after your teeth cleaning or checkup, including treatment options if an oral health issue is present.

Are You Looking to Establish Dental Care with a Barrie Dentist?

If you have questions or would like to arrange a dental exam, please reach out to a helpful team member to get started.